EV-ROI Service Levels

Experience tells us that the basic requirements for transforming an organization into one that is outcomes driven tend to fall into four broad levels of engagement:


We view Levels I and II as foundational.  With the logic model, we give providers a chance to lift their eyes beyond the challenging needs that seem never ending and reconsider the short, medium and long term goals they are striving to reach. Then with the 1st generation EV-ROI, we provide clients with real-time feedback to help them appropriately value and monetize the impact of their programs.

Building on this foundation, Level III services, which we also refer to as 2nd Generation EV-ROI, primarily helps providers build the internal capacity to collect, analyze and use EV-ROI performance data long term. In the Hartford Communities That Cares example, for a 2nd Generation EV-ROI, we would help the organization design a system that would gather pre/post data on the parameters mentioned in the logic model and compare those results against the pre/post results of a matched control group.

Lastly, in Level IV, Social Capital Valuations (SCV) consultants produce an EV-ROI-based case study published and released through a leading academic institution. The report would include the following:

  • Client-Centric Logic Model
  • 2nd Generation EV-ROI analysis
  • Historical narrative of program
  • Literature review
  • Logos and photos from client’s program.

“Our heartbeat is for our clients to see EV-ROI
not as a quick fix, but as a way of life.”

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