As part of the overall healthcare reform effort, community-based health services are receiving renewed interest, providing preventive treatment and also helping individuals with multiple chronic conditions learn to manage their health better. As a result, patients are receiving better health outcomes, while lowering health costs.  Community-based health programs (including school-based health centers) are better equipped than hospitals and emergency rooms for addressing health behaviors and for ensuring medication adherence for patients with multiple chronic conditions.  The potential savings from these early intervention and health behavior programs can be significant in terms of avoided hospitalizations and emergency room visits.

Social Capital Valuations (SCV) has performed a number of EV-ROI analyses for community-based health programs across the country, with two in Dallas, TX – the Diabetes Health and Wellness Institute in South Dallas (funded through the Baylor Scott & White healthcare system) and Brother Bill’s Helping Hand Community Health Clinics in West Dallas.  When analyzing the Diabetes Health and Wellness Institute’s EV-ROI, we examined changes/improvements in their patients’ health status relative to three chronic conditions: 1) hypertension; 2) diabetes; and 3) high cholesterol.  The analysis demonstrated a projected healthcare and employer savings of $3.35 for every $1.00 invested in the Institute for the most active members (i.e., those with the highest levels of participation in exercise, cooking, diabetes management classes, etc.).  SCV is currently working with the Office of Mission and Ministry to help them launch a Faith Community Health Initiative in partnership with faith-based and community organizations in West Dallas.

Other community-based health programs that SCV has worked include:

  • Brother Bills Helping Hand Community Health Clinic (Dallas, Texas),
  • Diabetes Health and Wellness Institute (Baylor Scott & White Health, System) (Dallas, Texas)
  • Health Centers in Schools (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)
  • Association for Community Health Improvement (ACHI) – Presentation,
  • Kilmer-Sullivan School-Based Health Center (Chicago, Illinois)
  • New Mexico Alliance for School-Based Health Care
  • Northwest High School Health and Wellness Center Innovation Model (Omaha, Nebraska)
  • Medical Reserve Corps (Flu shot clinic, Hypertension, TB and HIV screening)