Social Capital Valuations (SCV) is a boutique consulting firm, offering an array of customized services to stakeholders engaged in leading, funding or supporting nonprofit service organizations.

People in a Meeting and Single Word SupportSocial Capital Valuations (SCV) will provide you with EV-ROI reports to help you communicate the impact of your program in financial and economic terms.  Even if the only data you have is the number of people you served and your annual budget, we can get you started with an initial EV-ROI analysis (what we call the 1st generation report).  Then we can guide you through development and implementation of a performance measurement and data collection system for creating your 2nd generation EV-ROI report. For a more complete description of what our EV-ROI analysis entails, click here.

Our EV-ROI analysis often uncovers hidden value and new stakeholders; strengthening bridges with the community and increasing our clients sustainability.

Businesswoman giving presentation at podiumSocial Capital Valuations (SCV) can be a valuable partner for associations and advocacy organizations that represent, and support community-based health and social programs. EV-ROI analysis can help you make a national case as you advocate for continued support for your member organizations. Training your member organizations in the EV-ROI approach can also help them make their case for continued local support. We are available to offer webinars, training, technical assistance and lead communities of practice sessions to help build your members’ capacity.

business people in a meeting at officeSocial Capital Valuations (SCV) can be a valuable partner for consultants already providing marketing, fund-raising, capacity-building and strategic planning services to community-based social and health programs. Our EV-ROI process breathes new life into your approach by providing you with the quantitative and analytic services to help you present monetized outcomes to your client.

Government agencies, private philanthropies and donors

Businessman cutting red ribbon with pair of scissors close upGiven our firm’s experience in public administration and government contracting, coupled with our EV-ROI analysis, Social Capital Valuations (SCV) can be a valuable partner at every stage of the funding / investment/policy making process. SCV has successfully assisted funders in developing performance metrics, revamping solicitations (RFPs) so that everyone is clear that performance measurement leading to measurable results is a primary expectation. SCV can also assist funders by playing a training and technical assistance role to help ensure that grantees understand the benefit of and will fulfill the expectation to provide accurate and timely results-oriented information that makes them accountable for the investment. At the conclusion of the funding cycle, SCV can continue to partner with funders to ensure continued measurement of results of select grantees, and communication of those results that will help sustain deserving projects beyond the initial funding period.

Finally, EV-ROI gives government policy makers and charitable foundation program officers a means to better communicate the collective ROI of grantees within a particular program portfolio. Consequently, this approach will help our clients determine whether a particular  funding strategy is yielding benefits and guidance in making course corrections.

We offer a menu of customized services. Ready to learn more?