Social Capital Valuations (SCV)’ Principals have over 15 years experience evaluating programs focused on Sexual Risk Avoidance / Abstinence Education. Over that time, we have seen dramatic changes in the curricula, and the criteria by which program outcomes are reported. Even the way in which the field refers to itself has undergone a makeover from Abstinence Education to Sexual Risk Avoidance.

Our lessons learned would take this transformation one step further…we have found that rather than saying “No” to one set of behaviors, the more successful programs help to mentor students and teach them to say “Yes” to a future that consists of healthy relationships (at home, in school and with peers) and positive educational and career goal-setting.  So the outcomes become tied to a new self-image and the acquisition of tools that help teens embrace healthy behavioral choices that lead to both immediate and long-term positive outcomes.

SCV has supported program providers in measuring proximate outcomes for students, forecasting longer-term outcomes based on those proximate measures, and monetizing those long-term outcomes from a taxpayer’s point of view. One recent example is the Center for Relationship Education (CRE) “REAL Essentials” for middle school and high school students in Colorado’s Saguache County. While avoiding costs associated with sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy, and childbirth can be substantial; the larger return on investment for taxpayers is generated by increased tax revenue and decreased public assistance dollars that result from students’ lifetime trajectory correction from high school drop-out to high school graduate with a plan for the future. Our EV-ROI analysis of the CRE  REAL Essentials estimated savings totaling $861,306. When compared against the total investment of $35,742 we see that $24.10 in taxpayer savings is returned for every $1.00 spent.

EV-ROI analyses done for other Sexual Risk Avoidance clients include:

  • Florida Healthy Choices
  • Ohio Adolescent Health Centers
  • Go For The Gold (Dayton, Ohio)