Baylor University’s Institute for Studies of Religion

Social Capital Valuations (SCV) collaborated with Baylor University to provide EV-ROI analysis to a variety of faith-based ministries, ranging from community-based intermediaries to prisoner re-entry and family strengthening programs.

EV-ROI is an innovative research strategy that marries economics with every aspect of research design. It’s not just cutting edge – it represents how we should and must approach future evaluation research as well as evidence-based practices.
Byron Johnson, PHD – Distinguished Professor of the Social Sciences, Baylor University

Center for Neighborhood Enterprise’s Violence-Free Zone (VFZ)

SCV provided a series of reports, published articles and EV-ROI analyses on the benefits and savings based on VFZ’s unique in-school mentoring program.

If you don’t measure results, you can’t tell success from failure. I have worked with a host of evaluators over the years, but SCV helped improve our prospects for growth and played a key role in capturing the true impact of our youth anti-violence mentoring program.
Robert L. Woodson, Sr. President, Center for Neighborhood Enterprise


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Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO)

SCV coordinated with CAFO to develop a 1st Generation EV-ROI analysis of adoption and foster care services.

This is brilliant. The EV-ROI results make such a compelling dollars-and-cents case for both the vital role of the church in the foster system generally and the impact of the work of 4KIDS* in particular.
Jedd Meddefind, President, Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO)

Prison Entrepreneurship Program (PEP)

SCV conducted  EV-ROI analysis for the PEP prisoner re-entry program  in Houston, Texas. SCV ‘s report proved the program’s success in demonstrating taxpayer savings from reduced recidivism and higher employment rates.

William Wubbenhorst at Social Capital Valuations added tremendous value to the case study performed on PEP. By incorporating the type of financial analysis well recognized in the for-profit sector, supported by good research, he was able to present a solid estimate of the total financial return to the public from our donors’ investment. This type of rigorous ROI analysis helps to further distinguish PEP in our sector and raises both our profile in and our appeal to the philanthropic community.
Bert Smith, CEO, Prison Entrepreneurship Program (PEP)



E3 Family Solutions

SCV  provided tools for establishing the return on investment for differing donation amounts used for reports as a follow up to donor investment.

William (Wubbenhorst) worked with E3 Family Solutions to determine the Expected Value – Return on Investment (EV-ROI) on our prevention/youth development program. We have since utilized the information he developed to garner thousands of dollars in grants and donations to continue our work after the federal funding stream dried up.
Darla Huddleston, Executive Director, E3 Family Solutions, Inc.

The RIDGE Project’s TYRO Program

SCV  conducted EV-ROI analysis for the TYRO Dads program for incarcerated fathers in prison throughout  Ohio. SCV’s report showed the program’s success for those TYRO completers that were subsequently released from prison in the past 3 years, based on taxpayer savings from reduced recidivism, higher employment rates, and successful family re-integration.

We are absolutely thrilled with this report. It is concise and compelling in addition to being very well documented. The SCV team was so easy to work with and exceeded our expectations. We were so impressed by the professional presentation and careful calculations. We have only had this report for one month and it has already opened new doors for us!
Ron Tijerina, Executive Director, The Ridge Project, Inc.
Wow! This EV-ROI report exceeded our expectations. Every value was clearly defined and every reference documented. Being able to provide this report to current and potential funders is priceless. Every social service provider needs to be able to show the value of their work. This report makes it easy to see the value and difficult to dispute the impact of strengthening families!
Cathy Tijerina, Executive Director, The Ridge Project, Inc.


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